5 GREAT Reasons why you need a photo booth for your wedding


While photo booths might sound dated in the digital age of selfies, Instagram and Facebook, there are way more reasons why they are so fun than lame to have.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should have a photo booth at your wedding:

1.       Great Boredem Buster!

Recognize that there will always be downtime during the wedding and a wedding photo booth is one of the best way your guests can keep themselves occupied! We always have a queue for our wedding photo booth with guests excited to have their photo taken with some of our wacky props!

2.       Great Photos!

It is a daily affair to be snapping away with our beloved ones for memory sake. The same thing happens at wedding and the best way to get amazing looking photos is to have a wedding photo booth or any instant print service that have the vendor bring in professional lighting kits for your wedding!


3.       Great Memory Maker!

While we are taking photos and videos more than ever, we are not printing our precious photos as much as before! Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a photo printed? For many out there, we probably cannot remember. You and your guests will have an amazing time snapping away and in the meantime, the photos printed will be precious timeless keepsakes for many years to come!


4.       Great for All Ages!

Some of my clients point out to me that they worry their guests might be too shy to use the photo booth; but I kid you not, very often, your elderly auntie and uncles will be the one hogging the booth with their big family photos! For them, it is a rare chance for them to be all dressed up and gathered. You just need that one uncle or auntie to start gathering all his or her friends and family to get the wedding photo booth party started!

For your younger audience out there, fret not, they would help themselves after all the auntie and uncles had their fair share of fun!


5.       Great for you!

A lot of brides’ reason for having a wedding photo booth is to keep their guests entertained but don’t forget about yourself! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to get photos with all your beloved guests, while you are in your beautiful gown! Years down the road, you will look back at these wedding photographs and remember the amazing time you had with your friends and family on your big day.